Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here is a cartoon photo my cousin did for me, pretty fun!
Hope everyone's having a good day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey all...


Wow, been a few weeks since i've been on here to post a blog! I got a sinus infection, a horrible pain in my neck so bad I couldnt move it and it was horrid...then I got a cold sore, and wasnt feeling so good! Now, i'm feeling so much better!

But Owen has a tooth coming through, and he's been grumpy and super needy and it has been random w/ his moods, but he's a good boy and doing pretty good, having his moments which is normal. He's eating cereal with oatmeal and he's had sweet potatos, squash, carrots, peaches, applesause, pears, banana's. He loves em all.. He didnt like sweet peas, but we're working on it! lol! He's doing great tho and has a hearty appetite! Very hungry lil man! Teething and loves his friends and family and his parents!

It's so cute, he will be playing and I catch him lookin at me smiling big, I love it! He loves to watch us eat, and he loves to spit and drool and coo and scream with loud pitches...he's discovered his voice and different pitches! haha!

God is good, keeping plenty busy. Nothing to new and exciteing, just a busy mom and wife! I also picked my guitar up lately and started playing alittle, gonna try and do it more and more and build my caluses up again on my fingers!
Also been keeping somewhat busy with my photography, ive had some sessions in the last months that i've started back since having Owen! Well, everyone, off to give little owen a bath and get him ready for bed. Thanks everyone!

God bless & have a blessed one!