Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogging again finally...

Hello again,
After such a long time of not blogging I didnt even remember I had a blog already. I typed in and my name was still signed in since 2010!!!!! HUH? I figured im loosing it, which im sure I am! So "Foxy Mama's Musings" was my blog title from awhile ago. I still thing it's got a little ring to it. Dont know how I forgot! I think, being a mom your brain cell's eventully fry away! hahaha!
So, i'm going to try to keep up with blogging. Sharing things i've learned, done, and little crafty ideas. Photography encounters, and anything God has showed me! etc.
Thank you for your patience with me as I tried hard to figure a new title for my blog, and I already had one! :) Yes, im goofy!
Owen is going to be 2 year's old October 2011, he's almost 22 months, where does time go??? Geesh!! He's such a big boy. So smart, so loving. And already see the light of Jesus shining in his smile and laughter & personality.
Thank you for stopping by, keep tuned! Some different things i'll be posting soon hopefully on some crafy lil projects & my Garden progress among others.
-Foxy mama