Monday, December 13, 2010

Today I will follow Jesus...

I needed this devotion today and it blessed me how God planned it as my devotion of the day:

IF WE say WE are willing to follow Jesus, what do we mean? I believe there is only one valid reason for following Jesus: because he is worth it. And he is worth it because of who he is in all his love, his understanding, his compassion. Following him means doing so with no strings attached; it means not telling God, " Ill do this if you come through with that." Either Jesus is worth hanging onto in hard times only because he is Jesus, or he is worth nothing,

When life doesn't make sense anymore, we can give up, or we can remember who Jesus really is and that, no matter how dark it gets, he is worth it all.
As you've undoubtly exsperienced, we may not get an explanation as to why certian things happen- why the dark times are as dark and presistant as they are- but living our lives with certain things unresolved is what faith is all about. For years I drank deeply of the false belief that if only I had enough faith, everything would go my way. But that is simply not true, and so many people are caught and lives are wrecked in the wake of this teaching. " Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong?" we cry. Heaven cries back. You've done everything wrong, but I love you anyway. Always have, always will.

Great devotional thus morning. By Sheila Walsh book. Goodmorning Lord. This book has some great biblical truths. But this is just what I needed from God this morning. Hope it encourages you in someway as well. Be blessed on this monday.

Stay warm, stay in hope of God's blessings, even when you are in the middle of your battles.

-Sarah Fox

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God and His plans..

What are His plan's? Do we know? He has that paticular plan and we can't always see it. I guess if we did we wouldnt have to trust He is in control of that plan, now would we? It's hard to write this, because this is a really big struggle for me to trust in what God has for me sometimes. But, I think that happends to all of us really.

I had a interesting end to my summer, finding out my ovarian cyst came back and this time way bigger. They said the ultra sound showed it being a catelope sized cyst. During my pregnancy when they did the surgery they couldnt remove the entire thing, so they had to do the best to remove some of it so it wouldnt grow back and drain it. Though it ended up coming back anyway. I was having lots of pressure and still feeling pregnant after having Owen, and various other issues. So I had to get it checked out. My surgery was scheduled for the end of August. They said it could be 2 1/2- 3 hours this time to have it taken care of.

I was so not looking fwd to my second c-section type surgery and also this being my third surgery in less then a year & second c section in less then a year time. So my body might take longer to heal, so I was concerned with a toddler running around, much heavier then my c-section after I had him.

I got to surgery that morning and it was scheduld for 12 pm, but of course had to be there plenty early to get in a gown and freeze! BRRRRR.. hospital's are way to cold! Thank goodness for heated blankets :) The cyst ended up bring way bigger then they expected. They drained 2 liters of fluid from it. They said it was a very tough surgery!

I was about ready to go into surgery, and mike and his mom would have to leave. I was so nervous, more nervous then when I was pregnant about to go into surgery, which was odd i'm sure. But I knew what to exspect and the pain afterwards and it was just to much that I knew. I got rolled into the room, which of course is much colder. They gave me something to relax me before that in my iv, it was weird, I saw my dr then I just remember waking up in the first recovery room. Then they were rolling me into second recovery where mike and my mother in law donna were waiting for me. They had been there so long waiting for me. 10 am until 5 pm. Recovery took along while. My mother in law was saying she was a pro at scrabble on mikes i pad computer. She sat there with him for so long as Bryan braved being a grandfather alone with Owen!!! As soon as I got there and Donna gave me a hug and she left to go relieve Bryan of his grandfatherly duties! Mike was there with me. I was so zoned and so high on morphine.

After surgery they thought id be able to go home, but since they had to do a more intense kind of surgery I had to stay a couple days, they thought until sunday. But, my pain was so bad, and I was having a low blood count everytime they took my blood and was anemic. I didnt like the way the morphine made my mouth so dry and all you could have was ice.

I couldnt sleep in the hospital very well. I had a neighbor, her name was debra, she had a surgery not as intensive as mine, but similar. We would talk across the room every once and awhile, one part of the day she'd be doing better and i'd be misrable or the other way around. It changed often. I'd be like "hey debra, how ya feelin?" she'd be like, ehhh horrible.. then a few hours later she'd be like "sarah how ya doing?" im like, eh awful, give me drugs!" it was rather facinating our conversations. But she was a sweet lady.

They tried to get me up and have me walk the halls slowly but it was so painful, but it was needed and important, and I was doing it often enough I thought. A new nurse came in sunday before I went to sleep, and she didnt really warn me, she's like i've got a injection ive got to give you to prevent blood clotting. I thought, maybe in my IV? Or..perhaps arm or something. No, let's inject me in my sore stomach. It was like a injection of FIRE..I didnt even expect myself to cry so loud, I probably woke up the entire hallway. That was the worst thing EVER!!!!! I wouldnt let them give it to me then next day. I guess some people have different reactions to that ..and mine was the worst. Holy moly!

Finally, sunday came around, still couldnt go home but monday they said I probably could if in the morning things looked good. I left monday afternoon around 2. I was so happy to go home, but that meant less drugs and more pain. I battled for a couple weeks. I had help from my younger sister and friend and family. I couldnt do much. I couldnt pick owen up, or drive. But it took a good month to feel myself again.

During this time it seemed like why me again? I still battle with my shoulder/ neck pain and headachs and migrains and I dont understand. God have a plan in all this? I know He does, but sometimes it's so hard to see that or feel that He does.

God needs us to trust Him, and i'm working on fully giving myself over to Him. God has a PLAN!
Thank's for reading... Have a blessed day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What God has done...

When you look back at your past situations or things that have happend you can look back it either in a light of how awful it was or how God molded and shaped you during the process. There is alot we can do in our victories, we can grow from our hardships and look back and know if you never went through that paticular hard time you wouldnt be who you are or handle things the way you do now.

I have some thing's ive been thinking about lately in the light of what God had done and how He took care of me, and always does take care of me even when i'm feeling so overwhelmed and feel like there isnt a end to the road.

When I found out I was pregnant with Owen in Jan of 2009, we were overjoyed. Of course within 5 weeks of being pregnant I started feeling the sickness quite badly of being pregnant that alot of women deal with, some do more then others and some do more then me, which at the time I couldnt amagine anyone feeling any worse then I did, from 5 weeks until 16 or 17 weeks I felt so sick, nausious, horrible heartburn, throwing up constantly and feeling like I had hard core flu badly. I had my first apt at my dr office and was pretty much lookin and feeling so GREEN. I had not ate good for days, couldnt keep fluids down. Some ladies told me zofran was a good anti nausia medication I could possibly take. I was gonna talk about it to the dr that day. They were going through all the paper work and info with me and mike as I felt so sick I couldnt think. Eventully the nurse was like, you dont look good, you ok? I said no, I feel so sick.

The dr came in and said I needed to go to the hospital and get checked because she felt I was probably very dyhrated. Which once we got to troy beaumont emergancy they got me hooked up with a iv and fluids and zofran through the iv, wow, what a feelin that was when the zofran was flowing through my veins, it took that awful nausia down quite a bit.

They had me there a very long time, they couldnt get my key levels up, and at this time being 5 weeks pregnant, they were very concerned at how DYHRATED I was. They just kept pumping tons of fluids in me. I think we got there at 12 pm and didnt leave until 10pm, it was along time. I forget the times. The dr was saying ive gotta keep myself from getting that bad again, so I started doing better about drinking and eating enough so I didnt get myself that bad again.

I for along time just felt so tired, still pretty nausious alot even with zofran. Went to fly to see my grandparents in the middle of feb in alabama, I felt bad because pretty much my whole time there I was sick, throwing up, and misrable. I basically stayed inside and just watched old westerns with them, and talked and just rested. But we still had a good time together amist it all.

By mothers day, which I was about 18 weeks preg by that point and feeling way better then I was. We went to drive to liberty university to see Kelly graduate. We had a pretty good drive there. And kelly had fun talking to my belly. And on mothers day, it was so special, was sitting in the church connected with liberty university, all the sudden during the sermon, I felt Owen move for the first time, it was amazing!!!! And from that day on I felt him and it was truely breath taking new exsperience for me.

At 20 weeks we were scheduled for the ultra sound to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. And we were so excited. Mike of course was saying it was a he from the very start, haha! We were in the room and she's like you want to know the sex right? We were like, oh yes, we do. She's like it's a BOY and mikes face just lit up, it was so sweet. Of course I was excited too. Then she was lookin around and confirming things to make sure all looked good. She's like, do you know you have a cyst the size of a cantelope???? And we were like, uhh it was a big deal, it was so big and they were very concerned. So we got scheduled to meet with a high risk dr at royal oak beaumont hospital asap. We met with him and he said we needed to have surgery to remove it asap, and he told us the process in which he'd go about doing it, etc. It would be a high risk surgery, concerns were not putting me into labor, messing with the uterus is very touchy, and it can send you into labor if your not careful. They just wanted it out asap!

So, we had got scheduled for the surgery that wen, and it was earlier in the morning. I remember feeling not enough time to prepare myself and was so overwhelmed, and just prayed, I just wanted everything to be good and Owen to be safe and things to go smoothly. We got there, got all things situated with paper work. Pastor Cliff came in and prayed along with John rigg in the waiting room with us. Then they brought me back to get prepared for surgery.

Oh the wonders of hospitals, cold, scary and I was tryin to pray for calmness, which God gave me. I was trying to remain calm. I had never had any kind of surgery, had no idea what to exspect. Got prepped. They did a ultra sound, and as soon as I got done seeing my little sweet o bear on ultra sound which brought joy to my heart and a smile on my face. Mike & his mom and Pastor Jim came in my side of the curtian. I was suprised but it was nice to know my Pastor cared enough to pray with us . I was so scared and my stomach was in knots, not only because of surgery but because I didnt eat for awhile and for me even later in my pregnancy, I needed to eat or it made me sick.

But God really calmed my stomach, and after Pastor prayed and left they rolled me into surgery. I just remember them situating me on my back, tilted to one side with a blanket or pillow on my side so I wasnt flat flat on my back and then them putting a mask on and asking me to squeeze something then I went from that to waking up in a room, someone over me. Katie reed, she is a dr there and she told mike she'd keep a eye on me for him. Since the surgery was 2 hours and I was in recovery for three. She said something to me right after I was rolled out of surgery, and I remember waking up for a few with her saying, everything went okay, everything's gonna be okay. I just remember saying it really hurts or something then falling back asleep. They were giving me quite a few of safe pain medications.

I then woke up more and this was after 3 hours of being in recovery, I still felt so spaced out but was more alert. I was in so much pain by this point. I felt so overwhelmed and worried about my owen..They took me into another room and wanted to move me from one bed to the next. I thought I was gonna die, I was in so much pain and them moving me was like the worst pain ever, I just remember little, but I do remember bursting into tears and not intenionally, just was so overwhelmed, they finally got me on to the other table and were tryin to move me carefully to try and hear Owens heartbeat, and see him via ultra sound. Mike and mike's mom Donna were there. And mike was trying to calm me down, what a good husband, I was so worried, but it was the drugs that were messing my thinking clearly I would amagine. Finally after a long time of moving me around tryin to avoid my 4 spots where they had to go in, so those spots were so sore, so thats why it took them awhile to find his heartbeat, etc.

Finally got me situated and got me something to drink, and gave me pain meds and kept me there another 3 hours I think, they wanted to wait for a few things before they could let me go home. Cant remember what that was. But, i had a few things to eat, I lost my desire to eat, nothing sounded good. We finally got home. I just remember sitting in the one comfy chair for a week, couldnt move, anytime I had to get up it hurt beyond imagination. And Owen started moving alot, and it was like the worst when he'd kick or move because I was so sore inside.

One of Mike's tech guys made us a meal, which was sweet. And my Aunt Sue (harrington) brought me flowers and a card. That was also so sweet.
Then we moved a week or less after all this and so I wasnt able to do much at all. It was a blessing in its own way. But I had blessings, and people who blessed me so. Joy Dockham came and helped me clean the house, and dust, and helped me alot that day we moved. She was a huge blessing to me.

After all this God really taught me alot and the blessing that He took care of us during this whole process and took care of Owen was so amazing. The fact that He know's what He's doing in everything He does. What a blessing! God is BIG God ....

Thanks for reading. Sorry it's so much, hopefully it didnt bore you. But encourage you in some way. Now, Owen is 9 month's and such a blessing to our life!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My airport travel nightmare....

This July, Mike was saying he'd need to go to camp for a week. So I thought maybe we could look for a cheap ticket on expedia. So we found one for a non stop flight with Delta to the Nashville airport. My brother Dan was picking me up on the 8th at 3:45ish. We spent a week, so thursday to thursday. Thursday the 15th my flight was at 2:45. We got there at 1ish. I might have got the time off alittle, but being I was there so many times all the times seriously have mixed together.

We got to the checkin counter on the first day, right away the guy was like, oh my the detroit flight. It's delayed because of mechanical issues. So, it's going out at 6:24pm. So me and Dan left the airport and came back at 4ish. Got to checkout counter, got situated and got to the security checkpoint, said goodbye to Dan. We went to Huiwen's work before hand to say goodbye. Then, after security, I walked around...a bit. He was already getting sleepy, because we had to wait those extra three hours with no nap. I made his bottle for the 6:24 flight so id be able to get him to sleep on the flight. About 5:45ish or so we got a delay. (And it wasnt because of weather) I thought so at first, but it wasnt.)
A couple guys got it out of them that it was because the plane still had mechanical issues. Of course they still flew it in from detroit to nashville anyway's. But wouldnt fly it out again from nashville back to detroit, but said they were fixing it and it would be ready at 8pm. So, by this time not only was owen crabby and tired and sick of the airport...past his bedtime, wasnt a good day at all. I wasnt eating because I was trying to walk and walk through the terminal back and forth, around and around, trying to keep him happy in his stroller with my heavy carry on.

'The staff there at the airport dealing with our flight were awful customer service, not friendly, really rude, and as they could see I had a infant stuck in airport, and complained to me about how bad their day was going, HELLO, your getting paid, you didnt pay for a ticket and you dont have a infant. I was trying to have a SWEET attidude during this whole thing. My biggest goal was to try and ration my little bit of diapers, food and snacks as we were stuck there. I wanted to keep him happy. Poor Owen tho, it was really hard on him, and he was such a good boy.

Though I didnt want to let him play to much on the dirty airport floor. I was just discusted with all the delays and why they couldnt get me on a another plane or be straight with us if this plane was just not goin to fly out...dont taunt us and make us wait for the heck of it. I just didnt know what to think about everything to be honest with you. I kept going back and forth , and they'd not update the times soon enough for me, my mother in law donna would call me saying it changed again, and again, and I never saw it on the board, how lame is that? I would say, well glad you called to tell me it was changed because the line is long at the desk to wait and taking forever so I couldnt ask and the updates were not showing on the boards! Thanks to my inlaws I was able to find out I was having more delays. So, it went from 2:45 to 6:24 to 7something, to 8:18. Then we finally boarded.

I was like, ahh finally, home...well, lets just say, just because they board ya dont mean your acctully going to leave. We left the gate, owen was so restless, we were tight against the window seat, hardly a bit of room..thankfully the guy next to me didnt mind owen grabbing him shirt and everything. I told him over and over, i'm so sorry, he's so so tired. AS we were leaving I gave owen his bottle, he fell right asleep. Then we stopped...and the typical captian thing I make fun of.. uhh, well..uhh ladies and gentlemen, so sorry, your not going to like this news. Uh we got a issue to deal with and ya um it shouldnt take to long, just a mechnical issue..and even how he talked you couldnt understand what he was acctully talking about. So, anyways, to sum it up, we sat in a HOT airplane with no air for a hour or more, captian kept saying 10 mins, 5 mins, but it was along time. The last time the captian spoke over the intercom it woke owen up and he was so upset...and fustrated.

Then eventully was like, this problem is gonna take longer then we thought, we need to de-board. It didnt help that the whole time we were sitting on the plane the guy behind me was swearing up a storm, and being so loud and rude. Knowing I was in front of him with a infant sleeping or a infant peirod. I was so upset and so discouraged at this point. We got off, and i had my hands full, a huge backpack, my shoulder by this time was in so much pain. Owen was antzy, and i was waiting for his stroller at storage pickout right out the plane. Then by the time I got back to the desk there the line was long and i sat in line with a upset, tired baby for over a hour,and no one incouraged me to get in the front of line and get my ticket claimed for the next day so i could go....with my baby. I dont understand why someone didnt speak was horrible..we didnt get to baggage claim where dan was there to pick us up until after midnight. Didnt get to bed until `12:45am. Poor lil O BEAR.

The only ticket they could get me and owen was 3:45 the next day. I was upset because the lady was not nice at all, and she just at first only offered me a connecting flight into atlanta then to detroit and i'm like, is there not a one way flight because ive got a infant and ive been here all day with him, and i just want to get home, she's like, uh, maybe, i guess i'll check, im like yeah i would like that.. oh ok, there is one seat..i'll put you there. I said, so can you reemburse us for this flight because of the awful inconvience of today. No i cant mame, i'm only giving you a hotel voucher, i'm like um i dont need a hotel, i never told you i needed a hotel..shes like well thats what i can offer, i said is there something else, shes like oh i can give you you a 100$ travel voucher through delta, i was so annoyed by this point but trying to keep a good christian attidude, super hard though by this point. Aspecially when having a tired kid in your arms, a heavy bag, tired, and exsusted.. Finally i said ok, thanks after this and left to baggage claim to get home with daniel. He wasnt happy about what we went through.

So, friday morning owen slept in until 7:3o am, didnt feel like sleeping in though, i was so tired! I took a nap later after he went back down for a nap. I was so not in the mood to go to the airport again. We got there a bit earlier so we could talk to them and Dan said he was gonna not leave until they gave me something for the inconvience. He was not happy at all with everything. He also demanded a pass for him and Huiwen so they could come past security with me. So, we got to the front desk and the guy who checked us in thur afternoon was there, and Dan told him about everything that happend, he didnt say i'm so sorry, he didnt seem like he really cared at all. And Dan made it clear he wanted me to get home today on the 3:45 pm flight but wanted a refund on the ticket. The guy wasnt really caring enough to listen, he took me off the flight all together.. Inside I was SCREAMING! Dan was like, your not listening. We want the ticket paid for, not get her off it, how is my sister and nephew supposed to get home do you think? He was like, well i thought maybe they were driving...i couldnt believe this guy. Finally he gave us over to higher managment, this lady was still not the most helpful, she couldnt refund my ticket she said, all she could do is give me one more 100$ flight voucher. And Dan was not happy. Shes like i'll send you info in the mail on some flyer miles. And thats all we got with passes for Dan and Huiwen. They came back, by close to my 3:45pm flight, they again cancled for maintance, and couldnt tell us when it would be ok. So, we waited until I think it was 5 something the fight was cancled until. Dan and Huiwen stayed until then to make sure. So yea again they moved it up to 6:18, then 6:30...and i'm like ahhhhhhhhhhh , before the 6:18 one dan talked to the lady and said, you know for sure this plane is going to leave. She says i'm VERY sure its going to go out. So, dont worry about your sister. I WAS standing next to her saying, listen ive got a baby, ive already been here a whole day thur with a baby with limited food and diapers, as much as i could extra, and i need to get out today. If your not really sure, please let me know, i'll reschedule for tommorow. (sat)...and she seemed pretty confident. Dan was like, sarah i trust her, i even asked her to confirm this wasnt the same plane from thur and she said no it wasnt. So, dan was sure he could leave now. They had some plans. I said, its ok. I would be fine. So, then the flight got delayed again after they left. until 7 something. Then i'm like you gotta be kidding me. I was having a hard time with owen...i was walkin walking and walking, not eating, trying to keep owen was so tough with not having help from mike. Then, it got delayed until 8:30 something, then i think it got delayed until 9 ish, but it all got mixed up to me with all the delayes we had...anyways...then after this, i came back to check and a ton of people were in a long line and im like oh no...yes I was right, the flight was cancled, and people were in line to get their flight rescheduled for tommorow. (sat morning) By this time, owen was so upset and im standing in this long line, finally these fatherly type guys looked at me and said, listen you need to just walk up to the front and get helped first. I was like, i dont want to be rude, but he left and talked to the lady in front and said, you gotta let this mom and her baby go next. And then the other guy was like, if I pushed your stroller up front would you be embarressed. I said no, and i got up there, i felt bad, but i had to get out of that blasted airport asap! I got owen fed after that, he drank half his bottle and then fell right asleep after a meltdown. Then got back to baggage and my phone just all the sudden died and i couldnt get it to work even when i plugged it in, and i had no contact with daniel or my inlaws who were talkin with me this whole time. i was freakin out, i think i just had it emotionally and physically...and thankfully owen was alseep when i was having my owen emotional worries...i couldnt get my phone to turn on, i didnt see dan in baggage claim and i was tryin to pray and no worry and it was super stressful...finally 45 mins later my phone decides to turn on , i dunno what its problem was. Finally i got my phone to work...and called my sister in law huwien, she said dan was on his way...then i called my mother in law and she said bryan was about ready in the car to drive half way and meet dan and drive me home. They couldnt get ahold of me on my phone so they got dans number and called him. I started crying on the phone with my mother in law. I felt so bad, but I held it in the last couple days and I just HAD it up past my head!!!! Finally dan got there, and we figured out i'd just go on the flight they got for me in the morning early at 8:37. I was dreading it, since it was our 7th time to the airport and 3rd day at the airport. I hate that place! Anyway's....Dan got a pass and on my little sleep and my determination to get home we finally got on the plane and was in a GREAT seat with more room which helped. We got on it, waited, he was so tired. I fed him his bottle and he was really overly tired but finally he got comfy with his blanket and and when i started singing the itsy bitzy spider softly in his ear, he calmed down and fell asleep, poor little peanut! He finally slept most the trip. Was glad about that! I love when he's snuggled up to me, so I just prayed for him, and spent some time with God. I was just so happy to be getting home! Finally in the air. AS we were about the land, owen woke up and was lookin out the window and acctully loved lookin out at the clouds. And I talked with him about it and he was so cute. And when we landed I counted then said. TOUCHDOWN! He laughed! I think he was just as thrilled as me. Then we got to airport, long walk until baggage claim. We saw dad..he was so thrilled......and got big hugs!

That's the story, I probably could have said more, it already is alot. I feel like I just wrote a story, but there were even more things that were awful about the situation. Messed up some things. I had a photo session saturday and it messed that up. I was so upset about that. So upset. And just everything was upsetting.
The lady we saw sat morning who was in charge couldnt believe how badly things went and couldnt believe how awful the staff was and she was not happy. She said you call the main corprate on monday and you tell them EVERY detail because that was all VERY unexceptable. So, mike will tommorow. I got only 400$ of flyer vouchers. They didnt give me food vouchers until to late on friday that i didnt get a chance to use them, and i spent money through the to many days in the airport. Fustrating!

Though, got did funny things to make me smile during this whole process, one was these soldiers were at starbucks, while we were standing in line to get a drink. And one started talking to Owen and he laughed and played with him and told me about his three younger kids, then he's like oh you have a boogy on your nose and he grabbed it with his hands, and it caught me so off guard, it was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a funny thing!

Anyway's thats my nashville airport nightmare story...but also a blessing to safe and home!

Thanks for reading! I'm just glad we didnt go on a bad plane. God does everything for a reason! I kept trying to tell myself that through the whole process!

Thank you!

Sarah Fox

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Check out my CONTEST!

Join the fun in the sun with the BEACH or FLIP FLOP theme! Pick a picture you've already taken or one you've just taken or take one aspecially for the contest. The most creative picture will be be the winner of a MINI photo session. (Booked right away after contest)! The enteries need to be enterned by July 19th!!!!!! Email me with your picture at

The first picture was entered, check out my Sarah Fox Photography fan page on facebook!

Let's have fun with this everyone!

Sarah Fox :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adorable Ballerina's

Here is a few snaps of my last shoot with the Zorski girls..Simple adorable and they looked so cute doing their ballerina moves!

What cute little ballerina' was a privalage to do their pictures...

Keep checking this blog for more fun posts!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here is a cartoon photo my cousin did for me, pretty fun!
Hope everyone's having a good day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey all...


Wow, been a few weeks since i've been on here to post a blog! I got a sinus infection, a horrible pain in my neck so bad I couldnt move it and it was horrid...then I got a cold sore, and wasnt feeling so good! Now, i'm feeling so much better!

But Owen has a tooth coming through, and he's been grumpy and super needy and it has been random w/ his moods, but he's a good boy and doing pretty good, having his moments which is normal. He's eating cereal with oatmeal and he's had sweet potatos, squash, carrots, peaches, applesause, pears, banana's. He loves em all.. He didnt like sweet peas, but we're working on it! lol! He's doing great tho and has a hearty appetite! Very hungry lil man! Teething and loves his friends and family and his parents!

It's so cute, he will be playing and I catch him lookin at me smiling big, I love it! He loves to watch us eat, and he loves to spit and drool and coo and scream with loud pitches...he's discovered his voice and different pitches! haha!

God is good, keeping plenty busy. Nothing to new and exciteing, just a busy mom and wife! I also picked my guitar up lately and started playing alittle, gonna try and do it more and more and build my caluses up again on my fingers!
Also been keeping somewhat busy with my photography, ive had some sessions in the last months that i've started back since having Owen! Well, everyone, off to give little owen a bath and get him ready for bed. Thanks everyone!

God bless & have a blessed one!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love my little O bear!

I love my little o bear! He is the sweetest, we had fun messing around!

Monday, March 22, 2010

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Owen's newest photos...

I drool....
I lounge....

I sunbathe...
I Spit....
I play...
Mom, I tried to sit up but keep fallin over...
I have bright blue eyes....
My little boy is getting so big and oh so handsome! We love him to pieces, and yes mom takes my photo so much!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My little O bear & Aunt Kelly

Aunt Kelly came to visit because she had her wedding shower, she drove through the night thur night until friday morning with Casey her fiance, and Casey's parents! It was so great to see her, because we had not seen her since christmas. Owen had changed quite a bit since the last time she saw him. And I found a shirt for Owen that said "My Aunt Rocks" to surprise her. Here is a picture!

She had so much fun, and it was great to see Casey's parents again! I saw them at Kelly's graduation when I was 20 some weeks preggo! So, yeah it was great to see them again. During the shower and preperation, Casey and Casey's dad watched Owen with grandfather Bryan! He had fun with the MEN! Grandfather was a great babysitter =) Without help of Grandma Donna! But the men! So, everything turned out beautiful from the shower, and went smoothly. So excited for Kelly getting married in May! YAY!! We were joking about strapping the ring pillow to owens back, if he is crawling by then, we can put a row of cheerio's from the start of the isle to the end and he can eat them on the way down to kelly and casey carrying the ring on the pillow on his back, hahaha! Now that would be funny! HAHA, He is to young to be ring bearer!

Thanks for reading my blog! Have a blessed day!

Sarah Fox

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dealing with your valley....

I have found myself in a place in my life where im trying so hard to trust God for His plans for me. It's very hard, dealing with pain, change, being a new mom, trying to be what God wants me to be, a good wife. It's deffently alot, plus more that i'm not going to go into. But we all have our own valleys and struggles. And as we are in them, sometimes its so hard to see the big picture. I have found myself tryin so hard to find the big picture during my battle i'm in right now. I want to be able to be a strong person, but its not always easy. I just keep looking to all the blessings in my life as much as possible to get myself through what i'm dealing with. God is completely in charge, He knows my life and whats in store. Thank you for caring and reading my blog. I hope you are all being blessed in your day today.

Thank you!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a morning....

Owen had quite a morning, but he was so good!!!! So impressed with my peanut! We first went to the health center because I thought we didnt have any money left through insurance for shots, but duh, his last shots were in december, so he had a new amount of money starting for this year even if its not much, it would give him his 4 month shots paid. So we went to health center and then called insurance while there, and they told me that so then I talked to the lady at the health center and she said to go to my dr office. Thankfully they had a opening for me to just come to get his shots, we got there, got in pretty quick, home at 1030 and gave him his tylonal and he's now napping at 11! He was so tired!!!!
Hope he has a good day today afterwards, usually thats when he has a hard time, so i'm gonna give him his tylonal every 4 hours to help him out.

Also, today a random thought came to mind as I was listening to praise and worship music, how much we love our child (owen) how much I love him. If I would do anything for him. How much God loves us, and how He gave His life for us. Being a mom really impresses that thought on me more then ever before. God loves us His children! (us)!

Thought for the day. Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a good sunshine day!

Sarah :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My little peanut man!

A photograph I took of him, he was 4 months going on 5! I can't believe how big he's getting! The dr weighed him at 27 inches long and 15 pounds at his 4 month checkup! He's gonna be a tall boy!!! We love him so very much!

Brother Dan's visit .....

Well, a nice week last week with my brother who came to visit..............................
Dan drove up from tn last saturday and we met up at the new campus in holly and he got to meet his nephew Owen for the first time that afternoon! He's a first time uncle, and you could tell he loved holding and being with his Owen! And he spent the week here in michigan but had to leave this last saturday morning. Sadly his wife Huiwen couldnt come with him because of work. She hopes to come and see Owen soon!

" Aww...O bear loves his uncle Dan! "

Me and my brother also had some recordings we worked on in the mini studio at my parents house. We put basic tracks down on some, nothing proffessional, but it will be nice to have to share with others our music. We got so many more songs to add my tracks too.
God bless!
Sarah Fox

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My new blog!


I wanted to start a personal blog about my life. Various things i'm doing and what God's doing in my life.

I'm a new mom to my little boy, Owen Michael. I'm also married to a wonderful man, Michael J. Fox. My superstar! We'll be married this July 2nd 2010 for our 6 year anniversary. My little boy just turned 5 months, but time has flown by so fast! I cant believe it!!!

Hope you will follow my blog! God bless you! & thank you!

Sarah :)