Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brother Dan's visit .....

Well, a nice week last week with my brother who came to visit..............................
Dan drove up from tn last saturday and we met up at the new campus in holly and he got to meet his nephew Owen for the first time that afternoon! He's a first time uncle, and you could tell he loved holding and being with his Owen! And he spent the week here in michigan but had to leave this last saturday morning. Sadly his wife Huiwen couldnt come with him because of work. She hopes to come and see Owen soon!

" Aww...O bear loves his uncle Dan! "

Me and my brother also had some recordings we worked on in the mini studio at my parents house. We put basic tracks down on some, nothing proffessional, but it will be nice to have to share with others our music. We got so many more songs to add my tracks too.
God bless!
Sarah Fox

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