Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a morning....

Owen had quite a morning, but he was so good!!!! So impressed with my peanut! We first went to the health center because I thought we didnt have any money left through insurance for shots, but duh, his last shots were in december, so he had a new amount of money starting for this year even if its not much, it would give him his 4 month shots paid. So we went to health center and then called insurance while there, and they told me that so then I talked to the lady at the health center and she said to go to my dr office. Thankfully they had a opening for me to just come to get his shots, we got there, got in pretty quick, home at 1030 and gave him his tylonal and he's now napping at 11! He was so tired!!!!
Hope he has a good day today afterwards, usually thats when he has a hard time, so i'm gonna give him his tylonal every 4 hours to help him out.

Also, today a random thought came to mind as I was listening to praise and worship music, how much we love our child (owen) how much I love him. If I would do anything for him. How much God loves us, and how He gave His life for us. Being a mom really impresses that thought on me more then ever before. God loves us His children! (us)!

Thought for the day. Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a good sunshine day!

Sarah :)

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