Sunday, March 21, 2010

My little O bear & Aunt Kelly

Aunt Kelly came to visit because she had her wedding shower, she drove through the night thur night until friday morning with Casey her fiance, and Casey's parents! It was so great to see her, because we had not seen her since christmas. Owen had changed quite a bit since the last time she saw him. And I found a shirt for Owen that said "My Aunt Rocks" to surprise her. Here is a picture!

She had so much fun, and it was great to see Casey's parents again! I saw them at Kelly's graduation when I was 20 some weeks preggo! So, yeah it was great to see them again. During the shower and preperation, Casey and Casey's dad watched Owen with grandfather Bryan! He had fun with the MEN! Grandfather was a great babysitter =) Without help of Grandma Donna! But the men! So, everything turned out beautiful from the shower, and went smoothly. So excited for Kelly getting married in May! YAY!! We were joking about strapping the ring pillow to owens back, if he is crawling by then, we can put a row of cheerio's from the start of the isle to the end and he can eat them on the way down to kelly and casey carrying the ring on the pillow on his back, hahaha! Now that would be funny! HAHA, He is to young to be ring bearer!

Thanks for reading my blog! Have a blessed day!

Sarah Fox

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