Monday, September 5, 2011

Alittle update as of late...

Well, ive not been blogging the last couple weeks. I have been pretty busy with finishing proofing a wedding a few other sessions.
But summer is almost over with, which is sad. Though I do love seasons and fall. I love all those natural earthy colors and big comfy sweaters and hot cups of tea and coffee! I'm not a fan of winter though, so I kinda dread what's next. I do not mind winter, but after christmas i'm ready for spring! =)

Owen's going to be two october 10th, and I just can't believe it! It's seriously a crazy thought that he's gonna be two already.  I asked commonly if i'm ready to have another child, and I say no everytime. It's ok, it's just been two year's of a lot's of things going on. I know God's timing is the best timing. And i'm relying on God for what's best for our family right now. I've got some thing's God's working with me on right now, and i'm dealing with, so I think its good to just take it easy with things, enjoy my son as he is so funny at this age!

I was able to photograph my sister Hannah again when she was over yesterday, she's so pretty. I love her eyes. Here is a good shot of her.

I am also doing some fun crafty stuff from time to time. Fabric flowers, necklaces, rings, etc. She modeled a couple of my products!
Button croqet ring and croqet pearl embellishment ring. Both in my shop.
Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Sarah Fox

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