Saturday, September 17, 2011

When you get three busy mom's in a car together....

....thing's seem to happen without our children. Our inner crazy wildflower personalities come bursting out in very crazy forms. Maybe as two mom's shout let's go to caribou at the same time, as we walk to the car, then ordering turns into a confusing what to order frenzy. Ya, maybe that sounds more crazy then it acctully is. But, it's always such a refreshing moment when you spend time with other mom's like yourself who have a moment to just enjoy talking without the distractions. As much as we love our kids, it's what keeps us sane and make's us love our kid's even more and be even better mom's! Especially when we can dream together, drink coffee together, enjoy the fresh air together, forgetting about all the battles or busy life we deal with on a day to day routine.  I feel blessed by them. You know who you are! I miss when we are not together, and its good to feel light hearted and free and it's refreshing to know other mom's feel the same way.

Have a blessed day! Keep on the new fun and enjoyment of life the best possible in craziness!


Sarah Fox

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